5 more days…

After 5 years, you’d think that 5 more days wouldn’t be long to wait for the wedding…but after months of planning and hours of preparation I want to be doing! I want to set up the tables, take pictures, say I do and have fun! I want to make the desserts and get the food ready, I want to know just how much soda a girl should have for a party with 100 guests.

The weather looks good for the party – hot and humid but with an air conditioned house rented inside the park the guests should be comfy after the 7 minute ceremony outside. Though they are welcome to venture outside for horseshoes, volley ball, badminton, kickball, croquet and frisbee.

This wedding is ours, no one is dressing up, even me – I’m wearing a denim skirt and a blouse and Troy will be in shorts and a polo. The ceremony is simple, short. I made all the table cloths because I hate plastic one and for the cost of renting linens, I get yards of fabric to play with when the wedding is over. We aren’t doing much beyond the ‘i do’s in a traditional way and even those aren’t the traditional ‘for better or for worse, in sickness and in health’. No bouquet or garter toss, no aisle to walk down, no first dance or cake cutting. No waiting on the bride and groom to eat first, just lots of fun with our family and friends. We won’t even have flowers (okay there may be a few in my hair).

I can’t start baking until Wednesday, the decorations and guest books are made and we don’t pick up the food from the market until Friday morning, so today, today I can only wait and trust it will all be okay.

2 thoughts on “5 more days…”

  1. it sounds like it is going to be a lovely wedding. I did the same for mine and it was so wonderful and relaxed. congrats to you and I can’t wait to hear all about it and see pictures!!

  2. It sounds like it is going to be a fun time. You are very smart for keeping your wedding simple, and fun. I know I have enjoyed seeing your pictures of the preperation work.

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