Women Make History

Women Make History

In honor of women’s history month…

Women make history everyday. It’s not just those we learn about in school textbook marching for our rights or fighting wars. Women who spark our interest, get us motivated – those women are making history too. They are artists influencing us with their talents whether musical, literary or visual. They inspire, they teach, they create!

My personal history is changing – morphing into something much more than I imagined because of the influence of women. I am grateful for the bits of themselves they reveal in their work and the inspiration they spread. May they see themselves as the history makers they actually are!

Tina LaVallie
Sylvia Luna
Sabrina Ward Harrison
Penelope Dullaghan
Pam Prince
Myrth Mahem
Mary Engelbreit
Marney Makridakis
Loretta Benedetto Marvel
Lisa Vollrath
Lesley Riley
Laurina Bergvist
Keri Smith
Katrina Martin Davenport
Hope Wallace
Heidi Kenney
Emily Townsend
Elena Nazzaro
Denise Cawley
Claudine Hellmuth
Claire Roberston
Christine Miller
Christine Castro
Annie Bodelier
Anna Haag
Angie Pea
Andrea Scher
Amanda Woodward
Alex Beauchamp

My mark in history is developing with each creation I complete. I may never be mentioned in any school textbook but I’m going to keep creating.

How are you making history?