Week 6 Creations

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This week was all about trying new things. There was making my own paper, trying a new quilt pattern (and having the bruises to prove it) and making my first art doll.

10 gluecards (6 will be mailed for a Gluebooks exchange, the others become posties).

Journal pages for a LiveJournal exchange, I’m curious to know if anyone can decipher what the picture on the left is. Troy can’t see the image.


Fabric birthday card


ATC I sent to Hope – the picture is of my grandmother who died before I was born.

Cuddly quilt in luscious colors – I’m not sure if I will be parting with this one:

A rag quilt – a friend from work showed me one she made infant size and I thought I could make one a bit bigger. It’s an EASY pattern and very forgiving if you mess up, but you have to snip the sides and seam every half inch to encourage the rag look/fraying. My poor thumb is bruised and my right hand is still sore from all the cutting!


To get the rag look, I had to wash and dry the quilt and it produced wads of bright colored lint. I made a comment to Troy that I could make some pretty paper with it if I only knew how. So he loaded me into the car armed with my Michael’s coupon to get a paper making kit. We stopped at Target for a blender that I could for paper, a sponge and a vat. And a few hours later, the kitchen was a bit wet and messy, but these papers were created. The blue flecked ones are from the quilt lint and the flowers were from pressed flowers that came with the kit and some from my collection.


And lastly my first art doll. Dorothy Dreamer was fun to make, I started with fabric and fiber. A few hours later she was all done!

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