Week 7 Creations

It’s been a very busy week. So much crocheting, you’d think I was sick of it, but I already have a scarf started today!




1. Green glued trading cards for a Gluebooks exchange
2. ATCs for a Nervousness exchange (quotes theme)
3. ATCs for a Nervousness exchange (Women Who Kick Ass theme)
4. Red scarf – oh so soft
5. Pink Fuzzy scarf
6. Blue Green Scarf
7. Purple Pumpity Scarf – oh so long (special order for a woman at work)
8. Black scarf made with spike yarn
9. Pink/Green Fuzzy scarf – oh so long with fringe (special order)
10. Cream/Green/Tan scarf
11. Magic Mushroom and Blue Caterpillar for the Month of Softies (more soon)
12. A little case to keep my iPod Shuffle safe