Happily Stitching

I’ve been stitching. Journals in two sizes and fabric covered notebooks. They are the perfect place to stay organized, design plans, and capture dreams. It’s so fun to mix patterns and colors and see the fabric leave my shelves. Speaking of leaving – I have art quilts, prints, patterns, and fabrics that need a new […]

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As part of my art show I also created fairy tale themed journals. Some covers are silk; some are magical trees; others are prints with a fairy tale theme. To keep up with demand from local galleries and customer request, I also made a few non-fairy tale themed journals. I enjoy making the cover for

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Play Pretend

hello joy : : play pretend : : grateful heart : : happy life More notebook covers to inspire creative play and the capturing of joyful moment. Play pretend is resonating with me today – I’m pretending my husband and I are well and not waiting for our bodies to finish battling the virus that

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