May has been a rough month for us. Fluffy kitty was ill and then too ill. Saying goodbye was difficult and adjusting to days without her has been…not fun.
I’m grateful for the almost 14 years we had with this sweet girl. She kept me company as I created art or typed these blog entries, reminding me to take breaks to pet her, of course. She snuggled while we watched tv or read books and always sought to comfort me when I got upset.

3 thoughts on “Fluffy”

  1. I’m so sorry. The loss of such a dear companion is very hard–she leaves a trail of memories everywhere and it will be awhile before they bring smiles before tears.

  2. So sorry for your loss. Our fur people do work their way into the depths of our hearts.

  3. So sorry,too. We had to say goodbye to our 8yr old Stubby cat (3 legged). So we packed up our other old cat, loaded up the RV and headed for the mountains for a month of camping. Helps, but don’t look forward to going home….please try to smile and share your memories.

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