The Light Princess

A princess clad in lilac silk with silk ties on her arms. She is the Light Princess – as in she floats. In this tale the princess is cursed to not be affected by gravity. She floats and so does her personality. She has little care for others and doesn’t see the consequences of her actions.

That is until she is in water. In water the princess is truly the person she was meant to be and she falls in love. I enjoyed the story and the images of a stage production of this tale inspired the quilt.
The Light Princess (21” x 26”) – she had no gravity, except when in water

1 thought on “The Light Princess”

  1. Love the quilts that you are making , so very cute. I bought one of your patterns, and I have a question, the little sayings that are usually at the top of your quilts, are you just writing on small muslin or fab pieces? or printing? or how do I make those little squares with the wording??? Thanks.
    Also I thank you for the link to Harriet Ridell, OMG, she is inspiring, and your right I could watch those videos all day long, but it would interfere with making your adorable little quilts, haha. Thank you.

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