Rapunzel 2

Sometimes fabrics will inspire a quilt design – this was definitely the case for my fairy tale themed quilts. One tree fabric led to another and several sketches later, I had a collection.
When I saw this fabric, I instantly thought of doing a silhouette design of Rapunzel and the prince climbing her hair. I used a Grunge black fabric for the design and quilted the bricks and singles on the tower for added texture.
Rapunzel 2 (11” x 20”)
Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair

I did create two Rapunzel quilts – not identical but similar. I’m sharing this one first because it didn’t make the cut for the show (it’s tucked away for backstock) and I’m feeling the purple colors today.

2 thoughts on “Rapunzel 2”

  1. What!! Didn’t make the cut???? This one is spectacular…..what a genius you are to see that vision with the tree fabric. Don’t you just love grunge fabric. I just bought a mini charm pack in it today so I can see all the colors they offer.

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