Reader Creativity

I love seeing quilters, artists and crafters creating pieces inspired by my patterns and creations.
Sharon created this parachute art quilt from a photo of her friend – complete with mountain in the background and a motivational saying: “she soars past all obstacles in her path”.
Sharon didn’t stop at just one quilt, she adapted the Umbrella Girl 2 pattern to create this painter. I love the art on the wall and the brick pattern in the green reminds me of my childhood art classroom. The sentiment says, “she is at home with a brush in her hand.”
Last week, three ladies visited my home for a private class. When presented with all the pattern options, two opted for the Sew Cute Quilter and the other asked for a baseball player.
In shopping my studio for fabrics, they found a print with Chinese cats on it. We fussy cut them out and added them to each quilt. Cookie added several on a shelf in the quilter’s studio. I like the floral print sewing machine – sew cute.
Laura added hers to the studio floor. Notice that green sewing machine – such fun to create a sewing machine of your dreams!
Vicki’s baseball player is great – the fabric she picked for the shoes is perfect and hat is adorable.
I do like that fun detail that the Chinese cat added to each of their quilts. It’s a great reminder of the fun day we spent playing with fabric!