New Patterns!!!

7 new patterns have been created and posted to my Etsy shop.
First up are Fun on Ice with two hockey designs and an ice skater and Ski Fun with 2 different skiers and one design includes hair to create a boy and hair for a girl.
Umbrella Girls 2 for enjoying raining days and Dog Walking which is a guy with 3 different dog options. The dogs can be used with other patterns like Happy Girls too.
These new patterns have the exploded reversed designs for easy tracing and the assembled design to help you create the appliqué girl or guy.
Fat Tire Fun has 3 different fat tire bike riders some of which include hair designs to create a boy or girl. Side By Side has 3 different couples and the guy in front facing design can be used with other patterns too.
Last up is the highly requested Sew Cute Quilter.
The patterns are available for digital download from Etsy – that means you can download the pattern multiple times and print it whenever you need it. If you’d rather have a paper copy of the pattern, sorry but I need to give the printer time to get them made. I’ll keep you posted when the paper versions are available.

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