Reader Creativity

I love seeing quilters, artists and crafters creating pieces inspired by my patterns and creations.
Mary created another quilt with a Parisian scene.
Mary wrote, “I have enjoyed many hours of pure fun using the patterns I purchased last year.   Here is newest, I seem to love Paris fabrics.”  

I like the scene – I am definitely keeping an eye out for similar scenes – they make adorable quilts. Besides, the background, I am smitten with the little details: red shoes, necklace, lace trimmed dimensional skirt.

LaDawn created a ballerina quilt with a twist that says, “She danced as Tiger Lilly indian Princess with Joy!”
LaDawn writes, “Using your ballet girl pattern, I changed her to look like a photo of my daughter in her last ballet production. She played Tiger Lilly in Peter Pan. She danced with such beauty and joy that I wrote ‘joy’ in my quilting lines. I also used a scrap of ultra suede for her dress and added beads so it really looked like her costume. This is my first real attempt at an art quilt, and your work has inspired me and given me the courage to try! (And my daughter loved the quilt!)”

I cannot believe this is LaDawn’s first art quilt. I love that she adapted the pattern to look like her daughter and mixed in ultra suede and beads.

Olga created a folk dancer.
Olga wrote, “Just finished making a Serbian folk dance girl with your pattern. You have inspired me. I had so much fun with this!”

All the embellishments perfectly make her a folk dancer – from the stitching to the trims and the lance and apron. I’ve got a new appreciation for all this decorative stitches on my sewing machine and I love hearing that you had fun making the quilt.

Cindy created another quilt – this one for her youngest daughter.
Cindy wrote: “I just finished a Christmas gift for my youngest daughter, who recently began her career as a real estate agent. It measures 30″ X 26″. The background and house are pieced, with the sky, sidewalk, grass etc. The remainder is appliquéd, using your ‘girls’ as a model, I made her look like my daughter with long blonde hair, and I love the wording on the text fabric for her face, hands with the words ‘dream’ and ‘focus’ on them, and ‘spread your wings and fly’ on her leg. She is walking with a focus and purpose, and I have named this “Making Dreams Come True” as she is not only making dreams for herself come true, but mostly for her clients who are selling their first starter homes and buying bigger homes as their families grow. The real-estate sign is an exact replica of her existing signs and logo, right down to the colors. I made it for her to hang above her desk to keep her inspired and to add a bit of whimsy to her workdays.”

This quilt has me in awe! I love the details on the girl, the plants, the sky, and the sign. The house is cute (I want to live there).

Please send photos of your projects – I love seeing them and reading about your experience creating them.