Find Joy in a Quilt Shop – New Adventure


Six months ago I was laid off from my full time day job as a technical writer – telecommuting (working from home). The lay off wasn’t a total surprise, but it still was a bit of a shock to not wake up at 5:30 am each day and put in 8 hours on a computer.

Since then, I have applied for jobs – telecommuting jobs and local jobs – technical writing, medical writing, business analyst, project management and administrative jobs. I have had a few interviews, but mostly I have received rejection notices. I used the down time to create art as much as possible. I created a ton of new art quilts, journals and other stitched fun which allowed me to have ample inventory to participate in holiday bazaars for the first time.

As the new year began, we reviewed our budget. We have burned through the severance I received and unemployment insurance was ending. We would need to dip into savings unless I got a job – any job. So I applied for part-time jobs with craft and quilt stores.

I am nervous and thrilled to begin working for a local quilt shop today! As a member of the co-op gallery, I go there and run the shop about once a month. I enjoy it a lot and I’m always surprised how fast the day goes by. I think I will have the same experience at the quilt shop – surrounded by beautiful quilts, fabric and supplies.

She finds joy in a quilt shop (9” x 13”)

3 thoughts on “Find Joy in a Quilt Shop – New Adventure”

  1. What a great and positive way to let your circumstances lead you to the Light. I can’t wait to hear and read your stories of how your sharing your gift helps even more people.

  2. Congratulations on your new adventure! I know you will excel at your new position. How lucky are those shoppers at the quilt shop to have someone of your creativity help them!

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