Figures Pink

Earlier this year a local quilt shop was selling everything so they could move out of state – I picked up a yard or two of a few prints and continued to wade through the chaos. When I saw charm packs of the Zen Chic Figures line, I took almost all o them knowing that I had mini charm packs at home that had arrived with an online order.
When I started piecing this quilt together, we had recently created Buckeye Beauty blocks for a bee my modern quilting group is doing. I had made more half-square triangles than four patch blocks so I had to modify the pattern slightly.
There are still diamonds, but he secondary pattern is broken up. I love the overall effect. I know quilts created from a single fabric line can seem a bit boring, but I sometimes just want to sew without thinking about if the colors or needing to cut yardage into pieces.
On the back is a print with pink and yellow from some other fabric line. I liked the lightness of the backing against the blues and yellows on the front.
Inside is polyester batting and it’s quilted with my usual square spirals. Why polyester instead of my usual cotton batting? I had received several different battings from a friend and was trying them out. The quilt feels nice and my cats really enjoyed sitting on it while in progress. Unfortunately, we don’t really need another throw size quilt – 48” x 64”, so it’ll be available at an upcoming holiday bazaar.

3 thoughts on “Figures Pink”

  1. At which holiday bazaars will you have a booth? I LOVE this time of year. I’ll definitely be looking for you.

  2. I have used the poly batts for years. I recently tried a cotton batt, not knowing having a scrim in it would make hand quilting difficult, I really did not like it. Will save the second one I bought for when I learn machine quilting! I went to the fabric store and bought a poly batt for my next full size quilt. They always come out nice and soft, no shrinking issues and hanged nice too.

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