Commission – Wedding Quilt

Remember the baby quilt commission? I also created a throw size quilt (58” x 70”) as a wedding gift using more of her grandmother’s needlework and bit of my usual art quilting. wpid-IMG_1294-2015-09-13-18-40.jpg
I cut apart tablecloths, napkins, pillowcases and placemats, sometimes cutting around holes or stains that I could not repair or clean.
With the addition of a polka a dot cotton/linen blend, I created 9 oversized improvisational quilt blocks.
The recipient couple likes hiking so I used cotton fabrics to create a small art quilt to add into the throw.
On the back is an organic cotton print which I also used on the binding. I quilted it with my usual square spiral using a walking foot.
I had so much fun making this quilt. It’s almost an adult eye-spy quilt as you look at all the tiny embroidery. Once washed and dried, it got the crinkly, well-loved quilt look I hope to see.

My client passed on comments from the recipient who was thrilled with the wedding gift. So were Ford’s parents when they received the baby quilt. I am so grateful to have the opportunity to bring joy to this family.

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