Commission – Baby Quilt

A local lady asked me to use her grandmother’s embroidered linen and my usual style to create two quilts.
This one is for a baby. Her grandmother had created 7 nursery rhyme pieces that seemed perfect for a baby.
Since the baby is named Ford, we discussed adding trucks to the quilt.
Baby Ford’s parents are journalists so I used a text print for the trucks and the sashing.
The quilt is backed with this Dr. Seuss print, quilted with concentric squares and bound with rainbow stripes.
I call this quilt Newspaper Trucks and measures approximately 45” x 50”.

1 thought on “Commission – Baby Quilt”

  1. Very nice soft colours. Congratulations on being early with your blkcos. I’m always trying to catch up but being part of this blog helps a lot, very encouraging. I like seeing the fabrics that everyone else has chosen and how different each quilt looks.

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