Wall of Fabric Inspires

A wall of fabric created with an enlarged version of my In the Quilt Shop pattern. All this tiny fabrics on the left are pieced together, not fused.
Instead of a girl standing in the quilt shop, I wanted her sewing and to add dimension to the quilt I hand stitched some tiny chain pieced fabric to the quilt and added a string of thread coming from the spool.
Her foot is on the pedal making the machine whirl. I love that I fused the backside of the yellow print to show as the underside of the dress.
This is the first time I created a girl sewing and it’s cute, but I want to make a few changes when I try this pattern again.
A wall of fabric inspires her to sew and create (16” x 24”)
It’s so true – seeing my fabrics all lined up on my shelves really does inspire me to create.

This quilt will be in the Great Alaska Quilt Show September 12-13. If you are in Alaska, stop by and see the show

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