Make Time for Fun

I’ve been trying to make time for fun every day and I’ve been accumulating a list of fun things that I used to do as a child – flying a kite is definitely on that list. Using bright blues and greens for to create these fused scrappy backgrounds was also fun.
Today I’m not just connecting with the idea of fun, I’m also seeing her run. I have this great desire to run away today – to a new adventure.

The house we were anxiously awaiting to move into was somehow built over utility easements – just one corner of it. I have no idea how in 20 years since it was constructed no one noticed; it has stumped everyone in the process. But until the easement is vacated by all 3 utility companies, no house for us – yet. We are going to take a break for a week or two and then look for another house. In the meantime, I’ll be unpacking my studio and settling back in. This last month where half of our home is packed (we were originally to move May 1), I’ve been slowly stitching on larger quilts for warmth and not making art quilts as much leaving me feeling a bit disconnected from myself. I miss the spontaneity of seeing a fabric on my shelf and knowing just what art quilt I want to make next.

She makes time for fun every day (8” x 10”)

Back to the topic of fun, I’d love to expand my fun list. What activities are fun for you?

3 thoughts on “Make Time for Fun”

  1. Your work is so amazing! I love your blog and all the new items you have been working on!

  2. Sorry to hear about your house, Carrie. I’ve found that some contractors will take any/all shortcuts to save expenses, but not necessarily follow code. If the problem is buried deep enough, who will know? 20 years later, maybe someone will! I do love your girl flying a kite with her hair blowing in the wind. When I need a diversion from everyday monotony, I like walk somewhere new or take a short road trip to seek out a little shop or funky restaurant. I haven’t flown a kite in 20 years, so maybe I’ll try that too!

  3. I am so sorry about the issues with your house, Carrie. No wonder you feel like running away. This is a wonderful quilt to represent a sense of escape. The color and movement illustrate the freedom we’ve all felt when flying a kite.

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