Happy in Her Garden & Kittens

The tiny flowers on the hem of this dress add just a bit of interest and use those decorative stitches on my machine.
This floral background made me thinking gardens and spring which is quickly approaching.
She is Happy in Her Garden (5” x 9”) – available via Etsy

as for the kittens…
Many years ago, Dexter came into our lives following the loss of our first cat, Pounce. My husband thought it was fitting that we continue this. However, we didn’t find just one cat, we found two kittens – litter mates. May I introduce you to Purr Monster and Munchkin. They have been keeping us smiling and entertaining our Fluffy too.

1 thought on “Happy in Her Garden & Kittens”

  1. We have four kitten siblings here, Carrie–well, they are three years old now, so we should start calling them cats–and it has been so much fun to watch them grow up together. Its a good thing to have something to smile about, even while you are grieving for Dexter. Sometimes we keep on loving, in spite of ourselves, if you know what I mean. Hooray for the whole family.
    xxx Beth

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