Fly – – Cherish

This feather fabric was a single 5” square I acquired during a 5” square game at my quilt guild several years ago. It’s just sort of taunted me for a while. I couldn’t part with it but I never quite knew what to do with it.

This mini quilt is a great way to showcase the feathers that make me think of flying. I added scraps in blue and yellow and included a bit of crochet trip with a bright red button.

When I order fabric from Anna Maria Horner, bundles are tied together with strips of fabric. They are fairly narrow to piece into a quilt but they work great for fused backgrounds especially with all over mini flower quilting.

I added a strip of lace with a charm hanging from it. Under the charm is a purple heart button for a little surprise.

Fly and Cherish are available in my Etsy shop.

I was recently asked if you could sign up for STITCHED 2015 anytime. Yes, yes, you can! We’d love to have you join us for a fun year of learning and sharing with all of us sewing/stitching enthusiasts. The classes are available for a year and more content is added each month such as quilt blocks of the month, additional classes by Alma Stoller and giveaways of fun prizes.

2 thoughts on “Fly – – Cherish”

  1. the “fly” feathers quilt is really creative and lovely.
    the “cherissh” quilt has a great combination of colors i like.

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