Scrap Quilt – Part 2

Over a year ago, I started a scrap quilt. I planned to post more progress photos, but there wasn’t any progress until last week. The basket that housed the started scrap quilt was overflowing with even more scraps. I dumped it and got to work randomly piecing fabrics together to make 13” squares that I trimmed down to be 12” blocks (12.5” unfinished).
I kept piecing, sewing and sorting fabrics until the basket was empty. After 2 days, I have:
– 36 happy scrappy blocks
– a pile of larger scraps that will likely be pieced into a scrappy backing for this scrap quilt
– a pile of gray fabrics for what I hope will be fun modern quilt someday
– 12 scrappy blocks of cream, green, red and brown fabrics for a charity quilt
There was little thought in putting these together. It was all about finding like sized pieces to stitch together to form a block. I love the randomness and I’m planning to embrace that as I piece the blocks together in rows.

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