Cover Art

I am so excited that my art is on the cover of Sew Somerset summer 2014 issue.
I saw it on-line a day before my copy of the magazine arrived, I sat there stunned and smiling.
The article looks amazing.
And a few pages earlier, is my bridal shoppe dress quilts article.

Visit your local bookstore or craft store to get a copy or order online.

10 thoughts on “Cover Art”

  1. Wow Carrie congratulations for being on the cover and article inside the magazine too! You must be thrilled. I am excited for you.
    On the cover of the Rolling Stone..I mean Sew Somerset.

  2. Carries Dad, Steve Skinner

    Carrie, I am always being amazed by you! You are awesome! Love you, Dad

  3. carrie, congrats on the amazing cover issue of Sew Sommerset!!! proud of you. cynthia

  4. OMG! You are so amazing. Being on the cover of the magazine reminds me of your very first book that you wrote at age 9. You go girl. I’m sharing your joy. You deserve the recognition.

  5. Nancy Blankenship

    Congratulations! I can’t wait to find this magazine at the bookstore and purchase it. I so love, love all the work you do.

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