Mini Art

I made most of this mini art last week! Ever the overachiever, I couldn’t stop at just 1 or a few; I just kept making them.
We are having a fundraiser at the gallery next month based on small art created on the back of a playing card. In a few instances, I just had to make the art a bit bigger. I made set with several inches I acquired in a swap years ago. They are just the right size to showcase on a playing card.
In the winter, I crocheted dozens of flowers and leaves and stitching them to fabric and then to playing cards was fun. I even found a great use for a bit of needle felted art I did.
A random assortment of thread drawing, art printed or misprinted on fabric, digital art enhanced with drawing or lettering, collages embellished with stitching and some tar gel fused pieces too.
And my new boredom on work conference call obsession – drawing girls. These I drew directly on gessoed playing cards with Pigma Micron pens.
After finishing the other mini art, I found some shipping labels and drew some girls on those too and stuck the shipping label stickers to the backs of the playing cards. I’m keeping the two on the right, the other two I added to the pile I submitted for the fundraiser. I am looking forward to seeing what other artists do with playing cards.

3 thoughts on “Mini Art”

  1. I don’t know if I read your mind or you read my mind, but I started working on some small quilts too. Mine are about postcard size or slightly larger. I thought it would be fun to do a lot of small pieces. Love the assortment that you made Carrie.

  2. I just received my box of goodies – thankyou so much. I must say my favourite part was the little cards of your quilts – just love them 🙂

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