Happiness Adventure

I spent today hanging my art for a mini show. The theme is Happiness Adventure. Each girl is either doing something adventurous or sharing her happiness with the world (or both).

I worked on more than 45 quilts in April – completing over 3 dozen of them. Those quilts along with some larger pieces finished in February and 2013 make up my show. I’ll be sharing photos of the newly completed quilts in the coming month and photos of the show will be coming soon. First, I need to recover from the frantic preparations with sleep, a long walk and a good novel.

If you are in Alaska – stop by the Girdwood art gallery (next to the Bake Shop) to see my work in person.

2 thoughts on “Happiness Adventure”

  1. Looking forward to seeing your Happiness Adventure mini quilts. I know I will love them. Nancy

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