Heart is Pure

I think I have finally used up the last of these green and cream fabric scraps have been lurking in my studio for far to long. They make a great background.

My art show goes up in 3 days – it’s been a busy month preparing and these giveaways have been super fun. Thank you all for your comments – it’s been fun getting to know you one question at a time.

The winner of week 4 giveaway is DeborahGun.

Her heart is pure (8” x 10”)

4 thoughts on “Heart is Pure”

  1. Good luck with your show! Please post pictures I love seeing your work! I miss the questions already, it was a lot fun!

  2. Thanks for the questions, Carrie. I’ve had a great time reading the other responses each day–I like your readers a lot! Kindred spirits, it seems.

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