Welcome Rain

Pink umbrella, blond curls

brown boots

She welcomes rain (9” x 13”)

Today’s question: What color of shoes/footwear are you wearing now?

Me: grey and cream slippers – no socks

8 thoughts on “Welcome Rain”

  1. My indoor navy blue clog Crocs with hand knit socks.We don’t wear outdoor shoes inside, so I have my indoor Crocs or slippers inside.

    We could use some of that rain here, lol.

  2. New sneakers turquoise and grey outside. Inside socks or Acorn blue slippers. Soon sandals I hope!

  3. Nothing on my toes! barefoot 90% of the time!
    I love this little quilt, the rain, the grass her hair, just all of it!

  4. Hands down my favorite rain girl thus far! No socks…laying in bed sick on a criminally beautiful sunny day.

  5. No shoes, just little black socks of the “bootie” style, to keep my feet warm in our chilly house.

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