Always Smiling

The little piece of lace is a sweet addition to her skirt.
She is always smiling (6” x 9”)

Today’s question: What is your favorite outfit or piece of clothing?

I spend most of the day in pajamas or yoga pants – it’s a hazard of working from home with a start time before 6am. After work I live in jeans and t-shirts, but I sometimes miss dresses and will put one on.

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3 thoughts on “Always Smiling”

  1. In the winter I love wearing pj’s and staying in the house to sew. I like dresses in the summer because they are cooler than wearing shorts. But jeans and a shirt or sweater is what I wear most.

  2. WOW! Here in FL less is more! But normally I just love wearing jean capris and a cute shirt, very casual.

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