It Cures a Multitude of Ills

I decided to post this art quilt today, since I would very much like a cure for bronchitis. Laughing makes me cough which hurts, so I’m smiling instead today – between naps and attempting to make something new. It’s slow going with a fuzzy brain and need for a tissue more often than not.

This quilt started with the background fabric. The yellow-green with dots of teal, orange and greens just screamed happy.

I added a boot girl in purple, knowing I wanted to add a quote on her dress.

‘Laugh…it cures a multitude of ills’ -Audrey Hepburn (16” x 20”)

I used my own text print for her skin. I never plan how the print will fit on the girl so I was pleasantly thrilled to see ‘leap fearlessly’ is on her leg and ‘believe love’ is on her face.

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