Art Quilt in Progress: Seamstress

This seamstress art quilt has been inspired by watching Project Runway and Under the Gunn. Love the tiny stitched scissors and pin cushion.

Any suggestions on what sentiment or saying to add to the quilt?

7 thoughts on “Art Quilt in Progress: Seamstress”

  1. Carrie I really love this quilt! From the great flying geese background, to the dress form, to the great floral fabric for the dress, the pincushion and scissors, the seamstress (or sewist as I hear them being called these days), it’s all just great!!!

    A sentiment something like, “She had the perfect dress made for the celebration”

    Or: “For her first date, she had the perfect dress made”

    Or: “She looked perfect in her newly made dress”

    Something like those come to mind, but you don’t have to use any of them of course, lol!!!

  2. I look at it and have so many questions that the caption can reveal or not. Is it a mother and daughter, or a seamstress and client. Is it going to be expressed from the point of view of the seamstress or wearer. Or is it all about the dress?

  3. I love it!
    With Tim Gunn in mind “make it work”
    or maybe “stay true to yourself”
    Or “keep true to your dreams”

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