Her heart is where the snow falls


This is my second piece for the winder playground show.

The warmth of this January has me missing snow. The only way I could experience it falling is to grab a handful and throw in the air; something I remember doing often as a child. The piece captures that feeling and the wonderment of making it snow when flakes have already all fallen from the sky.

her heart is where the snow falls (15” x 19”)

10 thoughts on “Her heart is where the snow falls”

  1. Carrie we just got about an inch of snow last night. We don’t get much snow here and as soon as the sun come out it will all be melted. Your quilt is just darling.

  2. Well thanks to the polar vortex Indiana has all of your snow. Actually it is reminiscence of your childhood snow. Do you remember the Blizzard of 1978? Your dad used snow shoes to go to the store for milk.

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