Reader Creativity – Vicky and June

I love when quilters send me photos of their creativity – inspired by my patterns and creations.


Vicky create this french inspired girl using a Creative Girl Art Quilt Pattern. She wrote:

So much fun. I decided to do a French theme.( I taught French for 35 years). I used my embroidery machine to do the fleur de lys quilting. Used a little black tulle left over from tutus for her hose and gave her a little jewelry for class.


Way to go, Vicky! Can’t wait to see what you make next (she emailed me her ideas for what to create next).


June created this beautiful quilt and wrote a poem after seeing my article in American Quilter Magazine. She wrote:

I just had to make it. I changed the girl’s arms, her hair and the position of her head because I wrote a poem that appears on the quilt. It explains the flying geese representing the path she will take to become a grown up. The poem appears below…Thanks for giving me the inspiration.

Who Will I Be When I Am Me?

Here I am, growing up tall

Wondering how to make sense of it all.

Going through life looking here and there,

Wondering when “me” will appear.

Who will I be, what will I do?

Will music be what I pursue?

What about science, math, and finance?

Or will I just fall into something by chance?

Who will I be when I am me?

I guess we all will wait and see.

June Silberman 2013

You are most welcome for the inspiration, June. Thank you for the poem – it’s an inspiration to me.

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  1. Those 2 quilts are great! How nice that they shared how you inspired them. I often wonder if anyone gets inspired by what I do? So nice to share, isn’t it?

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