While visiting family and friends in lower 48 before Thanksgiving, I did a bit of hand stitching. I started 3 pieces but only finished 1.

I also contracted a lovely eye virus that now prevents me from interacting with people at least until I am no longer contagious. (Family: no worries, it was allergies when you saw me, they made me susceptible to virus). I have lots of medicine and high hopes that it will be cleared up by Thursday for my quilt guild holiday shindig.


That’s the virus eye looking markedly better.

So I have been stitching journals on my good Kenmore machine (there’s a bad one that I need to recycle). I know Jane could do it, but I set up in the dining room and Jane is a bit heavy to move her from the blue table she lives on.

I have 100+ stitches on my Kenmore and I’ve only been using straight stitch – for my project I could use most of the simple stitches but Jane has converted me. I barely think about using any others.

Wonder if I can get a ruffler foot for Jane?

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  1. I love that you are enjoying Jane…perhaps I need to name mine. I don’t know if mine is female….it’s a Brother.

    I hope the eye is better by Thursday and I will see you at guild party.

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