Commission Quilt – From Sketch to Completion

During my art show in May, I was asked to create a custom art quilt for a mom, a gift from her 3 daughters. Who would present it to her when they were all together in September (a few of them live far way).
After exchanging email from the girls about their family and what they hoped to see in the quilt, I sketched an idea for a quilt and pulled out fabrics that I planned to use. With the okay from the daughters, I got started.
I fused and stitched a background based on Alaska in the summer and created the girls and their mom using several of my patterns. Before fusing the girls to the quilt, I sent a photo asking for confirmation that everything looked okay.
I made some minor modifications and finished the quilt. It measures 28” x 19”.
The project was tremendous fun and it was such a joy to work with the daughters.
Every detail honored the personality of the daughters and their mom, from hairstyle, shoes, dress color, the chain of hearts and forget-me-not flowers.
I still have the sketch on my wall, it makes me smile every time I see it.

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