Productive Patchwork

How do you stay positive and keep your mind off things you can’t really control when you are worried or anxious? Straight light stitching, ironing and cutting to create giant patchwork blocks (45” each) is much more therapeutic than a cookie.

I finally let myself cut into the many fat quarters I had long ago purchased from Anna Maria Horner. Originally I thought about making a Swoon quilt but I have little patience for meticulous work today. I paired fat quarters with the scrap bags I recently purchased and set about making the most happy, colorful, no-real-plan patchwork top. Along the way a plan emerged – randomly pieced 3” and 6” strips are forming a log cabin around 9” center squares. The result is 4 giant blocks and likely a king size quilt. No clue how to quilt such a large top at home, it might be time to try a quilt-as-you-go technique.

1 thought on “Productive Patchwork”

  1. The blog “Handmade by Alissa” did a post last year about how she quilts her queen sized stuff on her home machine. You may want to read that before giving the QAYG a try. She sort of divides things into quarters, as I recall….
    Good luck!

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