Chair Cushions


I have wanted chair cushions for years – I look at them in stores and just can’t commit to buying them. I finally pulled some decorator weight fabrics from my stash and lots of leftover batting and stitched these up.


How I made them:
Draft a rough pattern for the shape of your chair.
Cut 2 pieces of decorator weight fabric for each cushion.
Layer 3 pieces of batting and 1 piece of fabric together.
Quilt lines to hold the fabric to the batting.
Repeat for the other side of the cushion.
Trim the batting to the size/shape of the fabric.
With right sides together, pin ribbon ties in place.
Stitch around the edges of the cushion, leaving an opening at the back for turning.
Turn right side out and hand stitch the opening closed (it’ll be too thick for your machine).


Love the colors and they wash well!

2 thoughts on “Chair Cushions”

  1. Great colorful fabrics. I made some cushion covers over a year ago for my chairs too. I used the home dec fabrics I had on hand and each cushion was a different print. I also used the old cushions I had purchased years ago to place inside the new covers so they are more like pillows to sit upon.

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