Web Fun


We don’t have cable so we binge on television shows when they come to Netflix. Right now I am enjoying:
        House of Card (so so good)
        Breaking Bad

I devoured these books by Rachel Astor:
        Bridesmaid Lotto
        Gamble on Engagement
        The Wedding Wager

Inspired By
        Tulip fields
        Live an Inspired Life
        Art of Setting Goals

Loved Seeing
        Self portrait by Krislovesfabric
        Girly pillow by Simple Sew

Fabric Lust:
        Comma by Zen Chic
        2wenty Thr3e
        Cotton Dots

1 thought on “Web Fun”

  1. what is so so good–like so SO good or Just so so?
    I’m going to watch missing tonight–oh, I turn into such a slovenly creature once I find a good show. Have you seen Once Upon a Time? At first I thought it was hokey, but the interplay of story lines is quite addictive once you get going. I was reminded of how some days, a good fairy tale is just what some modern-day hearts need.

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