Dream Big

(6” x 10”)

I created this little practice piece as part of Lesley Riley’s Compose Yourself class. The class is wrapping up and I’m so glad I participated. The information on composition and design has been valuable and the feedback on my work has been wonderful.

I’m also doing a Mondo Beyondo course so the reminder to ‘dream big’ is perfect.

I love taking online courses – the pacing is great and I can fit in learning and growing between my day job, housework and making quilts of all sizes.

Are there any online courses you recommend?

2 thoughts on “Dream Big”

  1. I love her, and I am dreaming BIG this year, I would love to see a list of classes that everyone recommends, I have never done a class. I saw a fiber one on Crafty’s that I might start with, I want to learn more about fibers. Thanks Carrie, dont forget the Blogaversary Feb 11 thru 14th.. I will remind you again and I appreciate you coming to the party..

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