Happy December


What better way to celebrate the arrival of December than seeing my art in the Winter 2013 issue of Sew Somerset.


So venture out and pick up the magazine; the content will surely inspire.


5 thoughts on “Happy December”

  1. GAH! HOw exciting! You must be one of the best secret keepers, ever. This is totally BLAB FROM THE HIGHEST MOUNTAIN worthy and you’re cool as a cucumber!

  2. I will go get the mag tomorrow, Congrats.. I love your work and aspire to make her myself. I dont have free motion on my old machine.. the pattern in your shop, I added it to my cart, but wanted to know, could I do this by hand? I hope the mag article tells me more. I just love her, I have been collecting embellishments for a few yrs now..

  3. Michelle Welbourne

    That must be Sooo exciting ! Congratulations again!!
    I love all of your work and just wish you were closer so that you could come to our guild! For now you’ll just have to keep posting. Great work Carrie!

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