Tooth Update


Night in my studio (I was tying a knot in leather cording)

I haven’t been sewing much at all. The root canal tooth was extracted last week and everything that could go wrong has gone wrong. There’s been tears, frustration, a trip to the ER and boatloads of pain. I’ve been doped up on pain killers and antibiotics. When not sleeping, I’m mostly a walking zombie.

With all the bad experiences I find myself suffering from what I call PTDD (post traumatic dental disorder). Any thoughts of a dentist or dental procedures has me stressed and tense and usually leads to tears. I had to talk myself into staying in the dentist chair yesterday. The dentist and assistant stepped away to prepare everything and I was left alone. I told myself the pain wouldn’t have a chance to go away if I left. So I stayed and cried partly due to pain but mostly fear.

I’m hoping yesterday’s procedure and a procedure scheduled for tomorrow will lead to a more peaceful and pain free recovery. Then I will sew again – when I trust I will not hurt myself with a rotary cutter or sewing machine needle. A drug clouded brain shouldn’t drive, operate heavy machinery (a fast moving sewing machine needle qualifies) or use razor sharp tools.

2 thoughts on “Tooth Update”

  1. OH Carrie I’m so sorry to hear that your pain is ongoing (but I had to laugh at PSDD). Yes, under no circumstances should you be driving a sewing machine or rotary cutter. But perhaps you can tune into the images your mind comes up with while you’re semi-sedated. I bet there’s some amazing mental creativity going on that you can document and turn into future projects!

  2. This is awful. I am so sorry to hear of these troubles. I hope the next procedure wraps everything up.

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