Gathered Memories and Dreams


This is a big magpie girl quilt for the upcoming quilt show. I used the same blue wallpaper fabric quilted with lots of flowers for the background. There is dot fabric and giant ruffles for the dress.


I loved working larger – I can’t wait to try it again and practice photographing larger quilts so the details shine (sorry these photos are not great).


I used treasures and trinkets that have been too big for previous magpie girls. A flower label, parts of a broken hard drive, old or broken jewelry…


… keys, bobbins that don’t fit my machine, lace, ribbon, safety pins and yellow metal flower in her hair.


She gathered her memories and dreams before starting a new journey (20” x 46”)

1 thought on “Gathered Memories and Dreams”

  1. OMG what a beautiful presentation. The asymmetrical presentation with her flowing out of the frame. Definitely one of my favorites.

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