Giveaway – Canvas Play Winners

Summer in Alaska – Alyeska Resort –

It’s a beautiful day in Alaska and a wonderful time to announce winners! I decided to give 11 of the 12 canvases away as I like to keep at least one of such projects to remember what I’ve done.

I also couldn’t resist picking two more winners who will receive goodies left over from my canvas play (fabric stickers, fabric scraps and inspiration bits).

Soar – Jamie
Sisters – Karen (momarchy)
Inspire Yourself – Joan K
Big Dreams – Rosemary
Girl – Marti
Friendship is Bliss – Marilyn B
Family – Susie C
Notes – Meredith L
Love Stories – ♥duff
Bird – Karen S
Love – Kristin

Goodies – Marlene R and Kathleen

I tried to honor all first choices but several of you had the same favorite so I did my best to find one similar or let tell me what to do. 🙂

Winners, look for an email from me asking for your postal address.