Travel Hand Sewing Kit


When I got on a trip, I don’t feel comfortable unless I bring along a craft project (or two). Since we were vacating with friends – there was lots of crafting together – making scrapbooks with the little girls and wall art for their parents to commemorate our trip, but I also brought along hand sewing to keep me occupied. I didn’t want to pack it all up in ziplock baggies and I had practiced with zippers so I set about making a little project keeper.


It opens completely flat so I could work on my lap with it open. I attached embellishments to spine with safety pins and brought along needles (vintage – but still sharp), pins, scissors, thimble, embroidery floss, buttons, ribbon, vintage lace and luscious cotton-linen fabric to hand stitch on.


I made pockets on the cover with clear vinyl and fabric pockets for the inside.


I attached a zipper that almost makes it all the way around but was close enough that nothing falls out. I plan to try making another – it’s such a fun way to keep my projects organized and the size is great – it’s 7” x 10” x 2”.

the front when zipped : the back when unzipped

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  1. That is totally great! Is there a pattern? I would make one of these for myself in a heartbeat!
    Have a fun vacation!

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