Quilts, Tacos & Tattoos – the book


In May I was asked by Alicia Diane Durand, a quilter, artists and soon to be published author to design a book cover. She wanted something with dimension like my girl quilts. I was flattered to be asked and couldn’t resist when I saw the title of the book, “Quilts, Tacos & Tattoos.”

I read an advanced copy of the novel which was touching, had a bit of mystery and left me wanting more. I sketched a few quilt ideas and started sewing. A few weeks later I had completed two quilts and a test version. I sent off photos of the quilts while Diane was finishing the last steps to have her book published.

The book launched this week. I smile every time I see the cover and I’m very grateful to be part of this project with Diane. Find out more about the book on Diane’s site: aliciadianedurand.com

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