Diamond Quilts Finished

Diamond in Diamond (54” x 54”)

I quilted and bound my diamond quilts. Two more quilts for holiday gifts now done!

Diamond in Diamond back

I tried spray basting for the first time. Overall, I like the ease of use and time saved not pinning. However, I accidentally sprayed basting spray on my dining room floor. I have had no luck removing it. Does anyone have suggestions for making my floor not sticky?

Multi Diamond (54” x 54”)

Multi Diamond back

3 thoughts on “Diamond Quilts Finished”

  1. There’s a product that I got in a dollar store in another state and I don’t know if it is in the stores here. It melts anything off surfaces. I used on my mom’s wooden kitchen cupboard doors and the wooden chairs. all the grime just melted off and there was no damage to the finish. It was amazing. In fact, I didn’t know the finish was still so nice under all the grease and grime. I love this stuff. It doesn’t stink, or hurt your skin. it’s called simply awesome– or something like that. It’s in a clearish plastic spray bottle with red print on it. I used it straight out of the spray bottle. I hope you find it and it works.

  2. The name of that product is Totally Awsome—I think this is closer than what I said before.

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