Creative Girl Art Quilts in Progress and Giveaway

I love seeing what people create with my creative girl art quilt patterns and faces. Above is a completed quilt Rena made after my mini workshop last year. Below are samples from the workshop last week. Sorry the photos are a bit fuzzy – indoor lighting wasn’t the best last week.

wpid-IMG_0483-2012-04-11-19-03.jpg wpid-IMG_0479-2012-04-11-19-03.jpg

wpid-IMG_0477-2012-04-11-19-03.jpg wpid-IMG_0481-2012-04-11-19-03.jpg


I gave the participants in last week’s workshop a mini kit containing the dress pattern, two faces pre-fused to fusible webbing, ruffles and a few embellishments.


Would you like a mini kit? I’ve added a dress already cut out, extra ruffles and additional embellishment to two mini-kits and have them ready to ship to two lucky readers. Leave a comment telling me where I should go on vacation in late June (I’m at a loss for vacation ideas) and I’ll randomly select two winners on Monday Apr 16th.

8 thoughts on “Creative Girl Art Quilts in Progress and Giveaway”

  1. I love the quilts! My favorite vacation ever was Scotland….with a visit to the Isle of Skye.

  2. Of course, it depends on budget and where you have been before but I think one of my favorite vacations is to pick a city or two and totally explore……..try the tourist things , try the shopping, try the restaurants…..use the public transportation because the people watching is so fun……….my favorite cities to do this are San Francisco and Washington DC….I remember you went to DC last year so perhaps if you haven’t been to SF ….that would be a good option….find tickets to a couple of shows, find out whether there are events in the park….festivals, plays, concerts and just indulge in sleeping in, visiting the city , people watching…..

  3. Of course I’d love a mini-kit and Texas is warm in June but not unbearable. The Ft. Worth area is full of things to see and do and not such a far drive to spend a day or two in San Antonio,,,,google the riverwalk there it is beyond amazing. Dallas is the home of the moda bake shop which I know you’d enjoy check it out at And I will be moving there at the end of May. LOL so yeap that would be my dream come true.

  4. These look great! I espeically love the red gown in the second to last photo.

    My favorite vacation spot in the US is Wyoming and in the world is Brazil.

  5. Great quilts! I have a couple I want to make to commemorate my nieces’ weddings.
    Depending on your budget and if you are looking for outdoors or a museum town, Seattle is a great city for getting around in and the museums are varied and accessible. The water-ferries and older architecture and native culture museums are also great for inspiration. For a bigger budget New York City is fabulous. Lots of museums. The MET, MOMA, American craft museum and so many more. go on line and see what the special shows are in the different museums and galleries.

  6. If you want a good road trip you’ll never forget the drive from Anchorage to Haines, it is breathtaking (St. Alia- Wrangler Mtns are a World Heritage Site). From Haines you can take a boat shuttle to Juneau and back for the day which includes a bus trip to downtown and the glacier, leaving Haines you can drive on the ferry to Skagway through Whitehorse and home or a side trip to Dawson City for some old fashion gambling. Fantastic wildlife and scenery. If you want to fly to a city I love Vancouver BC and June would be perfect. Once there you can go to Whistler where the last winter Olympics were held and mountain bike or hike. Also out of Vancouver you can take the ferry to Victoria on Vancouver Island.

  7. I say go to Greece for the summer. It’s a wonderful place to visit and you’ll never forget the experience!

  8. Since you’re here, you might consider traveling around Alaska and be a tourist! The Kenai Fjords trip out of Seward is great and Southeast Alaska is breathtaking (I really like Sitka, but you could take a cruise). You might get over to Kodiak island for great fishing, too. Denali Park is pretty neat in June. You could even get over to Nome (there’s no place like Nome!) After enduring this past winter, you really should enjoy what little summer we have! 🙂

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