Upcoming Projects and Ideas

Hometown & Reunion fabrics

Sunday was a blissful day. I had taken over the dining room on Friday and Saturday for the Pezzy Thread quilt and instead of putting away the folding table and returning my sewing machine to my studio I happily cut squares and stitched while watching my husband play a video game.

Swoon quilt fabrics

I selected Anna Maria Horner prints and coordinating solids for a Swoon quilt. I made a list of all the quilts and sewn items I want to make for Christmas gifts. I started envisioning creative girl art quilts in larger sizes. I sketched out a quilt design using 10” squares so I can put the layer cake I purchased last month to use. I formulated a few blog posts. The repetition of stitching and pressing is relaxing. It’s almost as good as the shower for generating new ideas and spurring me into action.

What helps you think of new ideas and projects?

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  1. I usually need a jumping off point. A demo of a technique can lead to many ideas. I come back from a museum visit with several pages of ideas or color combinations. Your posts give me ideas to try too. It is also beneficial to go to the museum with another artist- creative person. We bounce ideas off of each other.

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