Almost Ticker Tape

Almost Ticker Tape (40” x 37”)

This quilt was inspired by a Sew Mama Sew post in 2009. I had several scraps from the muslin I had dyed for my wedding in 2005 and thought the pattern would be a fun use for them. I started the quilt over a year ago; finished a 12” square area before I put it aside for other projects.


In an effort to have no more UFOs in my studio, I started stitching the small pieces to the quilt sandwich again. After finishing section the width of the quilt, I didn’t have the heart to keep going. So I pulled out some larger scraps and started sewing them on adding extra quilting so that the quilting on the larger pieces was balanced with area where the small scraps were used.


I used a self binding technique wrapping the top fabric around to the back and threw in the wash to see what would happen. The edges frayed nicely but required some trimming. The red pieces did bleed a bit, despite using a color catcher. The pinkish areas blend okay with the colors around them so I wasn’t too upset. It’s a fairly happy quilt that I’m sure a child will love.

2 thoughts on “Almost Ticker Tape”

  1. I really like this – I think it’s got a good balance between the ticker tape area and the sections beside it. It looks intentional, anyway, rather than just being tired of doing the technique and doing something else instead!

  2. I read the original post on “Sew, Mama,Sew”. How did you differ the technique to make it larger? I think I will make a baby sized one to try it out. It looks great!

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