Play Fabric Book


I started this fabric book last November. I worked on it in bits and finally dove into it last week.


The book is constructed from felt and flannel fused to a dreamy cotton gauze and a vintage table scarf cut into smaller pieces


I embellished the pages with fabrics, cheesecloth and trims I had dyed pink and blue along with bits of random fabric scraps …


… lots of hand stitching, buttons, wire, metal embellishments, text typed or written directly onto the fabric …


… ideology adage tickets, vintage keys, charms from a previous project, bits of old crochet and knitting.


The quotes in the book are about love, discovery, trust, life, journeys and letting go.


2 thoughts on “Play Fabric Book”

  1. Ohhh how vintage love magical dreamy inspiring……
    I could go on and on because just looking at the pics so many emotions and thoughts tumbled around inside of my soul.
    This is why you inspire me so.

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