Why Would Anyone Keep Jewels in a Box?


If I had to pick only two colors to work with, they would black and white. There is such diversity in the patterns and potential. Scraps from past projects make up this background.

She never understood why anyone would keep jewels in a box (17”x 24”)

The aqua and silver embellishments pop against the black and white.


The background is quilted with swirls. Broken jewels adorn her hair.


Her skirt is filled with jewelry old and new, buttons, metal embellishments…


a broken zipper, fabric, ribbon, vintage lace and hand stitching.


1 thought on “Why Would Anyone Keep Jewels in a Box?”

  1. She is beautiful and I totally agree about the black and white. The really nice part is that you can add absolutely any color to the girls dress and it works with a pop. And why indeed would anyone want to keep jewels in a box where no one can appreciate them?
    I have a couple girlie girls on hold for the moment as my grandson has ask me to make him a quilt that is involved with lots of fast 45’s and loose fits which are a bit time consuming. And if that isn’t bad enough you MUST put these pieces together in a specific order to make blocks that will then all fit together eventually. I’ll be sure to post it when it is done. I only posted the first row so far but hoping to be done with the top on Monday.

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