It Makes Her Dress Fabulous

She saw no reason to bury treasure; it makes her dress fabulous (13” x 17”)

Aren’t the pigtails adorable?


I’d been hanging onto the hand-marbled fabric for years – it makes the perfect background on these quilts. Scraps of cotton and silk in various shades of pink and purple are added and the quilt is stitched with straight lines, ovals, scallops and squares.


Tidbits in gray and silver adorn her dress: vintage lace, buttons, washers, fabric tags, ribbon, bits of jewelry and hand stitching.


A bit of cotton eyelet fabric was used for the bottom layer of her skirt. This quilt also jingles thanks to old anklet.

3 thoughts on “It Makes Her Dress Fabulous”

  1. This is really cute 😀 The pigtails are great.

    I can’t remember if I commented on the last one, but the yellow girl was really fantastic.

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