Love My Bike


The Anchorage Modern Quilt Guild challenged the members to enter a quilt for the Modern Quilt Guild Showcase.


During the long winter in Alaska, my blue bicycle with green wheels sits in the garage unused. Every time I saw my bike, I’d wish for spring to come soon. It finally occurred to me that I could bring my bike inside by making it the star of simple quilt.


Raw edge appliqué allowed the bike design to have a frayed or ‘rough around the edges’ reminding me how my actual bike looks when we return from riding adventure about town. I added the basket of flowers as a wish for spring to come a bit sooner.

Love My Bike (40” x 56”)

3 thoughts on “Love My Bike”

  1. What, my friend, have you done to me? I had a few spare moments last night so thought I’d look for inspiration on Pinterest and instead I found the coolest wall art of a bike and all I could think of was you, I pictured you riding on a beautiful spring day on your bike. Then I found another one this morning and again all I could think was “Carrie”. Big hugs!

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